Kitty Roosevelt

As American President, this cat ruled the U.S.A. in the early 1900’s when the industrial revolution was booming and the west was wild and free.

Originally based in New York he moved to the American West after the loss of his mother and wife on Valentines day. There he healed and spent much of his time stalking prairie dogs, riding buffalo, and fashioning lassos out of balls of yarn.

Even though Kitty dealt with sadness he was a fearless cat. He moved back east where he became commissioner of New York, and began working undercover. He spent nights pouncing on unsuspecting rats in allies, train stations, and among the many trash cans lined streets. He walked the line between the feral and the sophisicats. Although Kitty was a tough guy, he was also a bit of a fashionista and soon became known for his trademark Pince New Glasses, dapper suits, and manly mustache.

He soon took over the White House, where his many kittens decorated it with custom made climbing trees. He possessed personality, brains, brawn, and an indomitable spirit with which he ran America from 1901-1909. His face is now memorialized on Mount Rushmore in the wilds of South Dakota where he once herded buffalo and lived wild and free.