"A Letter to Josephine" By Napoleon Boneaparte

Marmirolo, July 17, 1796


To my love,

I cannot bear another day without you. Since my departure, I have been consumed with sadness and woe. My eyes are droopier and my ears hang lower with each passing hour.

Continuously I live over in my memory your funky scent, your not so soft fur, your high pitched squeak. The charms of the indestructible, chewy Josephine comfort me while trotting through dust and dirt. When I have conquered the world I shall spend all of my time with you, having only to squeeze you and carry you all around.

I would send you a horse for transport, but the thought of you falling into the the mud and arriving soggy only makes me sad. 

Ah! I cannot bear to sleep without you under my paw. It is not in my unimaginable power to have a single thought which is not of thee. Insanity has arisen and it must be stopped. 

I am naught but a dog without his toy.

All my love,