Both AfH Booklets

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Both AfH Booklets


As teaser booklets these editions features nine separate characters in each booklet with a super short story to go with each one.

The featured characters in these editions are:

Marie Antoinippe

Count Dracdrool

Leif Roverson

Anne of Sleeves

Kiddy Roosevelt

Dog Sinatra

William Shakesbeard

Jean Lafeet

M.L. Jobs

Napoleon Boneaparte

S. Leopard Fitzgerald

King Houndry V

Queen Elhissabeth

William Pawllace

Elvis Petme

Bodhissatva Jizo

Migrowl De Cervantes


These are mailed snug in cardboard. Booklets measure 8.5" x 5.5 and 5"x7".

*Please let me know if you would like the booklets signed in the message section of your order.

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