“Animals From History” is a collection of stories that spin over twenty historically charged fictional tales. Set in an animal-centric world the stories are meant to be a fun interpretation based on real events focusing on cats and dogs as the historical figures. This collection is a fun way for people to become introduced and reintroduced to history while allowing a twist of imagination to guide their interest.
Anne of Sleeves King Henry V

Never hire an excellent portrait artist.

At least not when you put your neck on the line.

Known for my barks of inspiration I have strategically dominate downed my enemies. Poets celebrate my victories by writing sonnets of fine cuisine and tail sniffing.

Napoleon Boneaparte S. Leopard Fitzgerald

My first goal when I take over the world is to dig a hiding place for my squeaky toy. Only the best for my beloved Josephine.

We were deeply in love until she had too many cocktails and whacked me in the face with her tail. It all went downhill from there.

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